The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert

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Title: The Voting Booth
Author: Brandy Colbert
Genre/s and Tags: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Politics,
Goodreads synopsis:

Marva Sheridan was born ready for this day. She’s always been driven to make a difference in the world, and what better way than to vote in her first election?

Duke Crenshaw is so done with this election. He just wants to get voting over with so he can prepare for his band’s first paying gig tonight. Only problem? Duke can’t vote.

When Marva sees Duke turned away from their polling place, she takes it upon herself to make sure his vote is counted. She hasn’t spent months doorbelling and registering voters just to see someone denied their right. And that’s how their whirlwind day begins, rushing from precinct to precinct, cutting school, waiting in endless lines, turned away time and again, trying to do one simple thing: vote. They may have started out as strangers, but as Duke and Marva team up to beat a rigged system (and find Marva’s missing cat), it’s clear that there’s more to their connection than a shared mission for democracy.

Romantic and triumphant, The Voting Booth is proof that you can’t sit around waiting for the world to change, but some things are just meant to be.

Showing off my library copy on my Instagram (@foreverinastory) on Election Day! ID: The voting Booth by Brandy Colbert in front of the polling location door I am stationed at.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was fabulous. Definitely in my top 5 of the month! Marva Sheridan has been ready for this day her whole life: Election Day. She’s ready to make her vote and have her voice be heard. Duke Crenshaw wants to getting voting over with so he can play in his first gig with his band. The only problem is he can’t vote. When Marva sees him turned away, she’s determined to help him cast his vote. The two end up cutting class, waiting in endless lines and travelling between precincts trying to find Duke’s polling place so he can finally vote. The Voting Booth is a timely story that discusses the ins and out of voting, activism, race and so much more.

Marva and Duke were easy characters to like. I related to Marva so much with her Type A I have my whole life planned out manners, but also loves to take cat photos. Marva’s cat is semi-Instagram famous, but no one knows that’s Marva’s cat because she’s scared how that could impact her image as a professional woman. Oh wow if that didn’t fit me in my feelings. Duke is a musician and an activist by family profession, however, his family is still reeling from the death of his older brother Julian from gun violence.

Colbert talks about so much more than politics in this book. And I don’t think it could’ve been done better. This book covers so much, but it is still a short book. It was about 6.5 hours long, but I felt like every base was covered, nothing was rushed and I learned so much about these characters. While the events only take place over the course of election day, we also get flashbacks from both Marva and Duke. I loved how these flashbacks helped developed the characters in a realistic way without overpowering the main narrative.

What are you waiting for!? Pick this book up right now!

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