Book Tour: In the Light of a Broken Moon: Episode One by Bri Spicer

Title: In the Light of a Broken Moon: Episode One
Author: Bri Spicer
Genre/s and Tags: Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Sci-fi, Queer
Goodreads synopsis:

A grief-stricken knight, desperate to protect the woman she loves after the destruction of their homeworld.

A magic-wielding warrior Librarian, determined to fight back against the corrupt Empire and megacorps and crime syndicates that took everything from her.

Their long-lost love, returned from his own grave with a message that cannot be ignored.

The Great Library – famed for protecting the powerless, preserving all knowledge, and waging war against corrupt Great Houses across the stars – lies in ruins. The Librarian homeworld has been destroyed, broken by an Imperial starfire bombardment that left no survivors. The Caedes Empire, with their megacorp allies and the shadowy crime syndicates that support them among the periphery worlds, rules unchallenged.

Selena Vernosti, once destined to become a Librarian, cloaked in crimson and revered by the thousand worlds of the long-dead Sacristae Republic, and gifted with incredibly powerful magic, now lives as a fugitive, hunted across the stars.

Demya Tzemina, once destined to take holy oaths as Selena’s knight, now spends her days earning the coin they need to survive in underground fighting rings. Every broken bone and every drop of blood pays for supplies that keep her and Selena one step ahead of their enemies.

But when Demya receives a message from Aleksan Rusrukh—the boy she and Selena both loved, who would have served as Selena’s second knight, who was reported among the dead in the final siege of their homeworld—everything changes.

Not only is he alive, Aleksan claims to have information that could radically change their future.

When Selena and Demya arrive at the rendezvous—a broken moon at the edge of charted space— to reunite with him, their triad will unravel terrible secrets, face the ghosts of their pasts, test the limits of their love, and learn the cost of creating a better world.

Don’t miss this first installment of Bri Spicer’s debut science fantasy serial novel! This serial explores grief, loss, polyamory, and LGBT relationships in a sprawling stellar empire full of swords and sorcery and starships.

Content warnings: depression, PTSD, and brief descriptions of standard scifi/fantasy violence.

Check out my post on Instagram @foreverinastory! ID: In the Light of a Broken Moon on top of a space booksleeve, with a pink galaxy style bookmark, an Illuminae notebook and Queer NASA sticker. Little erasers of rockets and a person in a space suit are scattered on the left half.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you to Pride Book Tours & the author for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

It’s been seven years since Demya watched her home be destroyed. It’s been years since she and her Librarian, Selena, have felt safe. They lost everything that day and have been on the run ever since. If caught, they would be killed for being a Librarian and Knight sworn to the Librarian’s service. But when Demya receives a message from someone she long thought dead, she knows her and Selena must try to find and rescue Aleskan.

Mood board inspired by Selena

This was a great start to this serialized novel. From it we learn that the Caedes empire has gone out of it’s way to destroy anything related to the Library and its keepers of knowledge. This episode was definitely more set up than action, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Demya was such a strong character, especially physically. I love that she’s a Knight and all about protecting Selena. However, Demya is clearly suffering from past trauma and hasn’t given herself the time to heal from it. Worse, she doesn’t believe she deserves to heal. I’m hoping finding Aleskan and reuniting him with Selena will be the beginning steps for her to heal.

Selena is still a bit of an enigma to me, but she clearly cares for Demya and Aleskan. I really liked the bond between these three. I’m getting some poly-amorous vibes, but I could be wrong? However, it seemed like Librarians and their bonded Knights regularly have large families with multiple parental units. Selena even mentions having five parents at one point and I am so here for normalized polyamory.

I don’t completely understand the magic system yet, but I was fascinated by all the sigils and what they could do with them. Can’t wait to learn more about this serialized novel!

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