ARC Review: Kiss the Fae (Vicious Faeries #1) by Natalia Jaster

Thank you to BOMM and the author for a copy in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Kiss the Fae by Natalia Jaster

After an unfortunate encounter with a poacher, Lark and her sisters enter Fae territory. Anyone who enters must pay a price. The three must leave behind the human world and each enter a domain of the Fae. Lark enters the Mountain of the Sky and must survive 13 days while racing to the top against the ruler of the Mountain, Cerulean. Should she lose or refuse to play, she and her sisters’ lives are forfeit. But Cerulean isn’t going to play fair, and maybe neither will Lark.

Y’all this book was hilarious. Every time I started reading this, I had the biggest smile on my face. Jaster’s writing and sense of humor was so raunchy and one of the funnest times I had reading recently. Lark was such a strong character, with a strong sense of self and her desires. Also her love for animals had me so soft!

The romance in this was a bit of a slow burn, but every time Lark & Cerulean had the chance to talk, I was swooning. I loved learning more about these two and seeing their passions. They were so fun to be paired against each other as well. Both were headstrong and watching them banter was the best.

I am so excited the sequel will follow Lark’s sister! I can’t wait to see how she wins her trial (hopefully). Also there was totally a brief scene were two female fae and two male fae were entangled in sexual situations. I am so here for queer fae characters even if they’re only side characters!

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