Honor Bound (The Honors #2) by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre

I binged this whole book and I cannot wait to do the same thing to Honor Lost!

Honors Zara and Beatriz are the first to learn the truth about The Journey without completing their Tour. The Leviathans are being hunted by an alien being called The Phage. After rescuing the Elder Typhon and barely surviving a Phage attack themselves, Zara and the other Honors are in desperate need of help. The closest place where they may be able to find it is The Sliver, an alien outpost that caters to the whims of anyone with coin and the will to take what they want.

Our crew really expands in this installment. Not only do we get more of Zara, Bea and Nadim, but also Chao-Xing, Marko and Typhon. Along with two completely new characters: Starcurrent and Yusuf who were rescued as a result of the Phage attack. This book gave me the disaster squad vibes that I crave so much with sci-fi. I was living for it and all the diversity of this crew. Starcurrent is part of an alien race called the Abyin Dommas, and uses the pronouns Ze.

The world of the Sliver reminded me a lot of a space Ketterdam. Like Kaz would make bank at this place. Zara does pretty well herself, relying on her street smarts from New Detroit. So much happened in this book and I am completely obsessed with the Leviathans and the way they can deep bond with the Honors. I loved seeing Zara go deeper with Nadim and begin to pull Bea in as well. Like this is my OTP and I LOVE THEM.

Honor Bound expands the world of alien lifeforms exponentially. I loved learning about all of the different races/species(?) and the dangers out there. Zara and the Honors may be an unlikely group, but they have my bet every time.

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