Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne

This YA sci-fi retelling of Jane Eyre is not one I’ll forgot anytime soon. Earth has suffered an ice age and so humanity fled to space. Stella Ainsley wants to get off her old and slowly falling apart ship. She applies to any job she can get, hoping to get out of the engineering career before she’s stuck. When she’s hired as a governess on the Rochester she jumps at the opportunity. The young Captain Hugo is notorious for being a recluse and a drunk, but he’s kind to Stella. However, something is not right onboard the Rochester and Stella is sure someone is trying to kill Hugo.

There were several changes on the original story of Jane Eyre in this retelling, but I really enjoyed them. One of the biggest ones was that Hugo is 18 or 19 (I forget), and therefore is much closer to Stella’s age. Then of course there’s the fact that this takes place in space and the Rochester is a ship rather than a person. I loved the differences, it made me appreciate not only this story, but the original as well.

I lived for this sci-fi retelling of Jane Eyre. So many things that I remember from the original are in this story, including some names and events. The one thing that was striking was how short this was compared to the original, yet I felt like it captured the overall story perfectly even if some things were left out. I really loved the AI of Rory on the ship. Ugh this was just so good!! Would recommend this retelling for fans of sci-fi!

Content Warning: quarantine, outbreak of a virus

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