The Be Intentional Reading Challenge

The #BeIntentionalReadingChallenge is a labor of love from me to you! I wanted to make a huge challenge that would specifically focus voices that feel left out of the conversation. You can find this challenge on The StoryGraph, Instagram and in my group on Goodreads-Challenge Corner.

There are SEVEN categories, each with TWENTY prompts. Categories are Queer/LGBTQIAP+. BIPOC, Disability, Religion, Language & Geography, Non-fiction and Miscellaneous! So in total, 140 prompts. Look I went a little wild with this. But you don’t have to do everything. You can pick and choose which ones you’d like to focus on if any. Or read the prompts you are the most interested in. This list is also not exhaustive, I’m sure I could’ve made a challenge with 1,000 prompts and it still wouldn’t cover everything. Regardless, putting in the intentions to diversify your reading is a beautiful and powerful thing.

As for rules, the only ones I have are: read the book in 2022, prioritize books by own voices authors. So for the queer category, read books by queer authors who are out (please do not try to out an author or invade their privacy). For the BIPOC category, books by white authors would not work. So do your research but also please be respectful! I’m in the process of finding at least 3 books for every prompt that I can put on my blog, so be on the lookout. If you want a giant recommendation list, let me know for which prompt(s) and I’ll do my best throughout the year.



Note: All books submitted for this category must be by a queer/LGBTQ+ author

  1. Read a book from the Pansexual or Panromantic list
  2. Queer 2022 release
  3. By a transgender or nonbinary author
  4. Read a book that won the Stonewall Award or Honor
  5. Asexual MC
  6. Read a book that won a Lambda Award
  7. Book with a queer cast
  8. Transgender MC 
  9. Nonbinary MC 
  10. M/M main pairing 
  11. F/F main pairing 
  12. By a queer BIPOC author
  13. Graphic novel with a queer MC 
  14. Sci-fi with queer characters
  15. Intersex MC
  16. Book with queer MC that is a happy book
  17. Book with a queer MC that is not a coming out story
  18. Aromantic MC
  19. Features a queer-platonic relationship (QPR)
  20. Features a queer polyamorous love triangle

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color):

Note: All books submitted for this category must be by a BIPOC author

  1. Cast of BIPOC characters
  2. Black MC 
  3. Biracial MC
  4. A winner of the Coretta Scott King Award or Honor
  5. By an author from a Caribbean Island 
  6. BIPOC on the cover
  7. Historical Fiction 
  8. Native, Indigenous or First Nations MC from the Americas 
  9. Native, Indigenous or First Nations MC from any continent besides the Americas
  10. 2022 Release
  11. Romance novel with a BIPOC MC
  12. Book with a happily ever after & BIPOC MCs
  13. Read a book that features blues, jazz, hip-hop, rap, reggae, or gospel 
  14. Non-Western inspired Fantasy 
  15. Read a book that features the music of the Caribbean
  16. South Asian or Western Asian MC
  17. Magical Realism by a Latine or Black author
  18. Debut book (can be published any year)
  19. Read a book from the 55 books by women and nonbinary writers of color list
  20. By a BIPOC author published pre-2000


Note: when possible read books written by disabled authors with the prompt specified disability.

  1. MC uses a mobility aid (cane, wheelchair, etc.)
  2. Autistic MC 
  3. MC with ADHD or Auditory Processing Disorder
  4. Mental Health Focus
  5. Anthology of Disabled characters
  6. Read a book from either the Books to Read for Disability Pride Month or the Disability in Fiction for Adults list
  7. BIPOC Disabled MC
  8. Disabled MC in a Fantasy book
  9. Bipolar MC
  10. Fat Disabled MC
  11. Middle grade with a Disabled MC
  12. Wheelchair on the Cover
  13. MC has an Invisible Disability
  14. Chronically ill MC
  15. Horror or Thriller with a Disabled MC
  16. Deaf or Hard of Hearing MC
  17. Visually Impaired or Blind MC
  18. Read a book from either the 30 YA Books with Disabled rep or the 20 Middle Grade Books with Disabled rep list
  19. Queer Disabled MC
  20. Book where the MC calls themselves disabled in the text


Note: All Jewish, Islam/Muslim, and Native/Indigenous prompts must be by an author from the culture/religion. 

  1. Involves a non-Christian holiday 
  2. Jewish MC 
  3. Hijabi MC
  4. New release with a non-Christian religious MC
  5. Hindu or Buddhist MC
  6. Read a book from the Books with Jewish Protagonists that are not set in WWII list
  7. Muslim MC
  8. Mythology that involves a Polytheistic Religion
  9. A fantasy or sci-fi book with a Muslim MC
  10. Atheist MC
  11. Read a book from the 2019 Books by Muslim Authors list
  12. Read a book about Jewish history (can be non-fiction or historical fiction)
  13. Read a book about the African Religious Diaspora
  14. Folktales or mythology by a Native, Indigenous or First Nations author
  15. Involves Shinto or Sikhism
  16. Non-Christian MC that does not live in the US or UK
  17. Book with Pagan influences or culture
  18. MC is a monk
  19. Book about religious cults 
  20. Set on hallowed ground, Mecca or another holy location

Language & Geography:

  1. MC’s first language was NOT English
  2. Bilingual MC
  3. A Character uses sign language 
  4. Translated into English 
  5. Set in the global south 
  6. Set on Earth but not in the US or the UK 
  7. A book incorporating Creole 
  8. A book set in Western or Central Asia
  9. Translated Literary Fiction
  10. A book by a BIPOC author set in a country on the World’s Least Visited Countries List
  11. Set on a Reservation or Native Land
  12. A book written in English that has non-English phrases
  13. Features Native language
  14. Set in a tropical climate
  15. Translated from an Asian continental language
  16. Features a language spoken on the African continent
  17. Bestseller from an author from a non-English majority speaking country
  18. A classic translated book  
  19. Features a language spoken in India
  20. A queer translated book


Note: All books submitted for this category must be non-fiction including but not limited to autobiography, biography or memoir. 

  1. Translated book about US history
  2. Read a book from An Essential Reading Guide For Fighting Racism
  3. Memoir by a transgender and/or nonbinary author
  4. Memoir or non-fiction by a refugee author
  5. History about a country besides the USA or UK
  6. Lesser known marginalized historical figure
  7. Read a book about climate change or the climate crisis
  8. Read a book related to one of these events by a BIPOC author
  9. Written by a Black or Native/Indigenous/First Nations woman 
  10. A book about African History
  11. Woman in Politics
  12. Right to safe access and/or alternative medications
  13. About immigration (can be to any country)
  14. By a Native, Indigenous or First Nations author
  15. About Disability by a Disabled Author
  16. History about the colonization of the Caribbean (can be general or more specific about 1-2 islands)
  17. Translated History book not about the USA
  18. Read about a trade that happens in South America (like coffee farming)
  19. About the Romani people of Europe
  20. Science non-fiction book by a marginalized author


  1. Fat MC
  2. An audiobook by a BIPOC author
  3. A feminist or womanist text by a female BIPOC author published before 2010
  4. MC uses a label within the nonbinary umbrella besides nonbinary (genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, demiboy, demigirl, two spirit, etc.)
  5. Dark Academia by a marginalized author
  6. A book that is about smashing the patriarchy
  7. Features a drag queen, king or monarch
  8. Read a book featured for an honor on Over the Rainbow Books 
  9. Poetry or novel in verse by a marginalized author (must be over 100 pages)
  10. Fat MC in a Fantasy or Sci-fi
  11. A book about Food Access & Agriculture by a BIPOC author
  12. Poor or financially unstable MC 
  13. Cast of characters is made up of disabled, BIPOC, various religions and queer characters
  14. Read a food book about a culture that is not your own
  15. A book about a female dominated sport by a BIPOC author
  16. Read a middle grade or YA book featured on a Inclusive Literature Lists by Billings Public Library 
  17. A book about mental health by a BIPOC author (fiction or non-fiction)
  18. Read about a person or event that a government has tried to cover up
  19. A joyful book by a BIPOC author
  20. A book with a MC that has an intersectional identity

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