Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore

This book was a wild ride. I don’t even know how to properly describe what it’s even about besides CRAZINESS.

Jane’s Aunt Magnolia is an underwater diver. Before one of her trips, she makes Jane promise that if she is ever invited to Tu Reviens, Jane is to accept no excuses. After Aunt Magnolia dies in the Antarctic, Jane is directionless and isn’t sure what to do with her life. When her childhood friend Kiran Thrash crosses paths with Jane, she invites her back to Tu Reviens and Jane of course accepts.

All I can say is that this book is wacky, but in the best possible way! There’s some aspects of both Jane Eyre and Rebecca throughout the story. As well as a lot about art. And then the crazy and huge Thrash family/their friends.

I really enjoyed seeing Jane confront all the possibilities of Tu Reviens and investigate the strange shit that happens there. My favorite character was Ivy and I hardcore shipped her and Jane together! That’s all, check out this book but I highly recommend going in blind and just seeing where it takes you.

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