Flash Fiction Exercises

*Note: The following two flash pieces are really abstract? These were written for some sort of in class assignment and they made me laugh really hard so I’m uploading them because why the hell not. Hope someone finds these as funny as I do.

Weird Concept: Moose/Importance

The Moose was standing on top of the mountain. How regal, how brave. The Moose’s coat shined. His antlers were majestic and he was preparing for battle. At the bottom of the mountain, another Moose waited. He glared at the Moose atop the mountain with something like disgust in his eyes. The Moose King waited for the challenger to approach him, never once moving from his throne of soft grass.

            The lower Moose bowed his head, eyes blazing with hatred. The Moose King nodded briefly and continued to survey his kingdom. The lower Moose lunged, his antlers going for the Moose King’s throat, the Moose King didn’t stand a chance. Down the mountain the Moose King rolled, his body battered and beaten in by the hill. The lower Moose now stood atop of the mountain and gazed at all his new Moose subjects. A cunning malevolence shone in his eye, no one dared challenge the new Moose King.

            The Moose King lived atop of his Moose Mountain and would occasionally trot into the surrounding villages to show off his magnificent antlers. He would come back, antlers ladled with beads and jewelry among other finery. The Moose subjects reveled the Moose King’s ability to woo the dumb humans from the village near their mountain. Every year the humans would celebrate the Moose and come to the bottom of the mountain with offerings of gifts and worship. The Moose King did not deny them. In return, the Moose King did not kill them. The humans knew what was expected of them and they brought the right amount of fear and irreverence to the worship of the Moose. The Moose King lived lavishly and never thought of his good for nothing Moose King Brother again.


Problematic Object: Missing Sock

            The sock was probably in the closet. But maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps it was in the laundry room? How about the backseat of the car? Where had it run off to? How can a sock go missing? What happens if a sock is lost and never finds its match again?

            The sock was definitely gone. There was no hiding place in the house and car that hadn’t been searched. A leprechaun must have come for it. It must have taken the sock for some greedy sock ritual that would involve three vats of lava, one pot of gold and a misty day to create the rainbow. Of course, the sock was needed to actually make the rainbow. That is how the leprechauns signal that they have stolen more bounty, by burning it to produce glory.

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