Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson

Title: Must Love Books
Author: Shauna Robinson
Genre/s and Tags: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Adult, Women’s Fiction, Mental Health
Goodreads synopsis:

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill meets Younger in a heartfelt debut following a young woman who discovers she’ll have to ditch the “dream job” and write her own story to find her happy ending.

Meet Nora Hughes—the overworked, underpaid, last bookish assistant standing. At least for now.

When Nora landed an editorial assistant position at Parsons Press, it was her first step towards The Dream Job. Because, honestly, is there anything dreamier than making books for a living? But after five years of lunch orders, finicky authors, and per my last emails, Nora has come to one grand conclusion: Dream Jobs do not exist.

With her life spiraling and the Parsons staff sinking, Nora gets hit with even worse news. Parsons is cutting her already unlivable salary. Unable to afford her rent and without even the novels she once loved as a comfort, Nora decides to moonlight for a rival publisher to make ends meet…and maybe poach some Parsons’ authors along the way.

But when Andrew Santos, a bestselling Parsons author no one can afford to lose is thrown into the mix, Nora has to decide where her loyalties lie. Her new Dream Job, ever-optimistic Andrew, or…herself and her future.

Your next book club read touching on mental health, happiness, and the peaks and perils of being a young woman just trying to figure it all out. Nora Hughes is the perfect heroine for anyone looking to get past their own chapter twenty-something and build their storybook life.

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Full Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you to MTMC tours and Netgalley for an ALC in exchange for an honest review and promotion. All opinions are my own.

Must Love Books follows Nora Hughes. She’s working for Parsons publishing and while she enjoyed her job when she started, her latest pay cut has made her expenses unaffordable. Nora begins to moonlight with a rival publishing house in order to make ends meet and steals some Parsons authors along the way. But when best selling author Andrew Santos is thrown in the mix, Nora doesn’t know what’s right anymore or what she wants to do.

I definitely enjoyed this one; however, I really wish I had known how much this would deal with depression and suicidal ideation, because from the cover and marketing I’ve seen I definitely thought it was just a cutesy romcom. I really enjoyed this adult contemporary fiction! I really loved seeing Nora navigate publishing, romance and figuring out her next steps. This had some similar vibes to Honey Girl where Grace was struggling with burnout and the unknown of life after grad school.

I’d love to see more books about publishing and working in the publishing industry come out. I find it all really fascinating, but I don’t want to actually work in publishing. I loved seeing Nora and Andrew grow closer. I really liked these two together and seeing them become closer. Nora’s struggle with what to do was so well crafted. I felt for her, trying to juggle both her loyalties and what was and what wasn’t crossing her own personal line. It’s so hard in a situation like hers when your home and more is on the line.

I loved the ending. It felt right for this book. Nora hasn’t figured everything out, but she’s picked a direction to start in. Can’t wait to see what’s next for this author!

Rep: Biracial Black cishet female MC with depression, biracial Filipino cishet male side character, cast is made up of mainly white straight characters, Black female side character briefly mentioned, queer side character mentioned.

CWs: Mental illness (depression), suicidal thoughts. Moderate: sexism, misogyny, racism, classism, Minor: closed door sexual content.

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