Enchanted Misadventures with Great-Aunt Poppy

Today I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for Enchanted Misadventures with Great-Aunt Poppy by Hallie Christensen hosted by MTMC Tours. This wonderful Middle Grade Fantasy was published on October 12th, 2021 from Sweetwater Books!

Title: Enchanted Misadventures with Great-Aunt Poppy

Author: Hallie Christensen

Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Publisher: Sweetwater Books
Genres: Middle Grade Fantasy

Goodreads Synopsis:

A typical December for the Alexanders consists of gingerbread baking, movies, and looking at Christmas lights, but after their parents are called in to work, Ava, Nolan, and Charlotte are sent to stay with their most feared relative for a week-Great-Aunt Poppy. Have mom and dad gone mad?

Of course, the children are terrified. Who wouldn’t be? No one believes them when they say that Poppy-or Groppy as they call her-is a witch. If the haunted house isn’t bad enough, there are thousands of crazy cats, chaotic and deadly spells, and even worse-frightening howls from the woods that grow louder and closer every second. Something deadly lurks outside. Staying alive while living with Groppy for an entire week is-well-impossible!

In order to survive the holiday, it will take all the bravery and wit the kids can muster. But who knows? Things aren’t always what they seem! The best holiday surprise this Christmas might be hiding in the most unlikely place imagined!

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ID: Enchanted Misadventures sits on a wood slice. To the right is a bookmark with a triple moon and “Midnight, Moonlight and Magic” written above it. In the bottom right is a sticker of Merlin, a black cat. In the bottom left is three mini pumpkins: one black, one white and one orange. To the left is a bottle of bath elixir. In the top right is an Arsenic bottle prop, it is standing up straight so only part of the label is visible, the bottle cap is a skull. At the top is a bookmark that matches the cover of the book. End ID.

INTL Tour-wide Instagram Giveaway!

Head over to my Instagram account to enter the tour giveaway where two lucky readers will win a physical copy of Enchanted Misadventures with Great-Aunt Poppy by Hallie Christensen! Ends on December 18th, 2021. Winners will be announced on @mtmctours’ Instagram account.

Reading Thoughts I Had:

  1. Well this house is certainly creepy!! It needs a good cleaning.
  2. Oh my god so many cats!! I want to live here.
  4. Well Groppy is for sure a witch, this potion is fun too. I want a cauldron of it.
  5. Groppy is who I want to be when I am an elder.
  6. Okay definitely feeling creeped out currently.
  7. I love that Ava is like first thought: GO TO THE LIBRARY.
  8. Merlin is an agent of chaos and I love him so much!

Full Review:

Thank you to MTMC Tours & the author for a physical copy in exchange for an honest review & promotion. All opinions are my own.

The Alexander siblings are being shuttled to their Great Aunt Poppy’s for the week before Christmas. Their parents are convinced this is the best situation since they need to work. However, the children are wary, especially since they know that Great Aunt Poppy, or Groppy as they call her, is a witch. Not only that, but Groppy lives in a haunted house with a thousand cats, spells everywhere and howling that seems to be coming closer to the house. The kids are certain they’ve walked into certain death and they don’t know if they’ll survive the week.

This was a fun book! Even though it’s set during Christmas, it’s also a perfect Halloween read. Books like these are why I love middle grade. It’s so easy to get invested in the story and there’s always something interesting happening. I also loved seeing the kids warm up to Groppy. She was such a and eccentric character. Really, I would like to be Groppy and have a thousand cats. Also there’s a talking one named Merlin and he was the best.

I enjoyed these three siblings and their various personalities. Even though this book is very short, each character had their own unique voice. Ava was my favorite because she decides to solve all problems by going to Groppy’s library. I really hope this becomes a series because I know the kids would get up to all sorts of trouble with Groppy. This book had the perfect opener for a series too, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

If you enjoy spooky atmosphere books or books that have the spooky feel without being too scary, this is the perfect book for you!

Rep: white fat elderly female side character.

CWs: Moderate animal injury (non-fatal), moderate violence.


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About Hallie Christensen:

Hallie Christensen grew up in a small town in Alabama surrounded by professional storytellers – her family. She received her BA in English with a minor in Italian while attending The University of Alabama and her MA in Teaching English from Faulkner University.

Her life’s background helped to influence her writing and creativity. While growing up she attended Young Authors conferences, played in a marching band, tried her luck as a magician, became a Junior Ranger for quite a few National Parks, and for a brief moment was a disc jockey with an eclectic taste of music spanning from The Monkees to N’SYNC.

When she isn’t writing, editing, teaching English courses, or marking-up essays, she enjoys hiking, rappelling, attending rock concerts from musicians her parents’ age, staying at B&B’s, playing in a family band, and of course, reading with preferences in fantasy, contemporary, and the classics.

Hallie currently resides in northern Alabama with her husband and a couple of cats.

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

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