ARC Review: Ruled by Blood by May Sage

Thank you to Book of Matches Media and the author for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The realm of Tenebris is ruled by a monstrous queen and Vlari is a threat to her rule. One of the most powerful unseelie fae to be born, Vlari is forced to hide her powers from everyone or face the Queen’s wrath. But when destruction comes for Tenebris, Vlari might be the only person who can save them all.

If you like bloodthirsty and morally grey fae, then this book is for you. Vlari seems like the typical do-gooder heroine for the first bit of this, but as soon as she’s thrust into a leadership role, she is ready to do whatever it takes for her home. Ruled by Blood is split into two parts: Wicked Court & Shadow Cursed. Wicked Court is mainly told from Vlari’s perspective and Shadow Cursed is a dual POV between Vlari and Drusk. The one thing that threw me off was the fact that ten years pass between these two parts. Which was wild.

I really enjoyed how conniving and twisted these fae were. They were in touch with the animalistic side of their nature in a way that’s not sexy and not always brought to the forefront in fae books. The relationship that developed between Drusk and Vlari was really well developed. It was such a slow burn and I appreciated seeing them get to know each other before they acted on their lust. Also they were just so cute!

The magic system and world building in this was awesome. I loved learning about all the various fae powers and seeing the conflict between fae, humans and gods. Overall, would definitely recommend this and I’m curious to see what the other books Sage has written are like.

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