Of Mice & Murder (Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries #2) by Steffanie Holmes

Ugh this series is so much bloody fun!! I did not think I’d need to binge it, but omg I do.

After successfully solving her best friend’s murder, Mina figures she’ll catch a break and figure what to do about her attraction to the three guys of Nevermore bookshop. Of course this is not the case at all. Mrs. Ellis asks Mina about where she can host her Banned Bookclub meetings and Mina (to Heathcliff’s horror) volunteers the bookshop. Things go horribly wrong at the meeting when Mrs. Scarlett drops dead. Then other members of the club become targets, Mina must solve the case before her teacher is next.

I loved this installment even more! There wasn’t too much development on the bookshop magic aspect, but I can be patient. The mystery was so well done and I didn’t guess the culprit at all! Plus all the steamy bits between Mina and her guys, oo so much fun.

I really love the nuances in Mina’s relationship with each guy. I love Heathcliff’s brooding, Quoth’s quiet sincerity and Morrie’s twisted deviousness. Ugh god, these guys are just so delicious and I didn’t think I would be so in love with them. And then there’s the steam. So much STEAM. I freaking love it.

I love Jo and Mina’s friendship. It’s in the beginning stages, but I love these two so much. It’s so much fun. I can’t wait to see more of these two and the bookshop!

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