A Dead & Stormy Night (Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries #1) by Steffanie Holmes


After being diagnosed with a deteriorating eye condition and losing her dream job, Mina runs back to her quaint English village to reevaluate her life. When she finds out her childhood haven, Nevermore Bookshop, is hiring she applies for the job. However, things are weird at Nevermore, it’s being run by Heathcliff, James Moriarty and Poe’s Raven.

Mina’s life becomes very complicated by the three hot men in her life she’s lusting over. When her ex-best friend is murdered in the bookshop and Mina becomes the chief suspect, she’ll need all the help she can get from Heath, Morrie and Quoth in order to stay out of jail.

This was such a fun book. I loved Mina and her quirky personality. Also her thoughts about the guys made me laugh so much. The girl has no thought filter and I loved it. The romance was really good and hot as heck. Cannot wait to see what’s going to happen between Mina and her dark bois.

To be honest, I had guessed the murderer pretty early on. The reasons were a little convoluted, but I was more invested in Mina’s life story than the actual murder mystery here. Plus there’s the whole phenomenon of the shop bringing literally characters to life–I want answers.

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