Honor Lost (The Honors #3) by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre

I freaking love this series so much!!! I am so freaking happy with how everything ended that I could cry all the happy tears.

The Honors series is one of my favorite sci-fi series basically ever and yes that includes counting the masterpiece that is Illuminae. But the characters in The Honors, omg I would die for ALL OF THEM. This series is the ultimate alien craziness and space battle explosions that I love in sci-fi.

Zara Cole and her crew have survived bartering on the Sliver, but after completing a job for the mastermind they are unprepared for the havoc the God Killer is about to unleash. Able to control the phage and drink organic matter, this will be the fight of their lives. If that isn’t enough, Zara’s ex is sent to kill her on behalf of Deluca.

In short, I love everything about this book/series. The plot is fantastic, the characters are the BEST and the romance omg let’s not even start. Also, is it just me or are these covers effing stunning!? I love Zara’s character arc throughout this series, she becomes an amazing leader and strategist by the end, as well as more emotionally present for her crew. Her trust issues have been soothed by Nadim and Beatriz. (ALSO I WILL DIE FOR BEY, NADIM AND ZARA)

I loved seeing Zara and the different members of her crew fight together and basically be awesome. I am a mess after this series and I don’t want to spoil this for anyone so do yourself a favor and read the whole series!!!

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