From Blood & Ash (Blood & Ash #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout


Enter the world of Masodonia. Ravaged by a war between Atlantians and the Ascended, the world has been forever changed. In order to be safe from the scourge of Atlantians and the Craven (turned wolf-like humans that feed on blood), the Ascended live in towns protected by Rises (giant walls) with their human subjects. Among them there is Poppy, chosen at birth by the gods to be the Maiden. Poppy’s life is dictated by strict rules: she cannot show her face, she cannot interact with anyone and the future of her world is on her shoulders. But Poppy just wants to live and when she crosses paths with Hawke, an incredibly talented guard, she becomes even more conflicted.

This book starts off a bit slow, but holy cow it was so good!! Poppy was an amazing MC. A bit naive at times, but that’s more due to her circumstances than her personality. I loved her determination and curiosity. Plus Poppy is a freaking badass!!! Her fighting skills made me so happy and there was one key scene where she uses them in the best possible way. (view spoiler)

The romance between Poppy and Hawke was so well done. Perfect slow burn and banter. I giggled and straight out laughed at this book so much. It was the perfect type of romance for me! I definitely guessed a couple things about where this was going, but I love that I was right. I cannot wait to see what will happen next after all the revelations in the end of this book.

The world building of this book was so fascinating. I loved all the mythology involved in the gods, Ascension, Atlantians and JLA’s take on vampires. I hope we get more of it in the next book which I need IMMEDIATELY.

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