Honor Among Thieves (Honor Among Thieves #1) by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre

Holy cow. Still just as good the second time around! Anytime I think about this book I just want to scream with happiness.

Zara Cole is a petty criminal. Her painful past made he choose life in New Detroit rather than move with her family to Mars. When Zara crosses one of the most dangerous men in New Detroit she’s afraid she be spending the rest of her time in jail or worse a grave. But she’s inducted in the Honors program, an elite team of humans selected by the Leviathans–a race of sentient alien ships–to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy as their passengers.

Zara jumps at the chance to be out of reach, but from the first moment she steps on board Nadim, she feels a peace she’s never known. But dark secrets haunt the Leviathans, and Zara does not like being lied to. This was such an epic journey and I absolutely loved it! The relationships between Zara, her co-Honor Bea and Nadim the ship were amazing. For whatever reason, I picture the leviathans as like giant whales that fly through space. If that’s accurate is anyone’s guess though.

I loved seeing Zara and Bea explore Nadim and go through the various Honor training. However, there’s always this feeling of tension and darkness throughout the story. It was very ominous. So many things were revealed about the Honors program by the end that my mind was in shock. The secrets were numerous and just holy cow kind of crazy! Zara is a stubborn but determined protagonist. She and Bea complemented each other very nicely. I loved the way their relationship developed alongside Zara and Nadim’s relationship.

So much about this story was marvelous and everyone should read it!!

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