Court of Fives (Court of Five #1) by Kate Elliott


This was a really interesting story, but the world made me upset. So the whole society is divided into an upper-class called the “Patrons” and the lower class that’s the commoners. But this division isn’t only socioeconomic, it’s also racial. I believe the commoners were darker skinned, which is vomit inducing, but we’re going to move on. The other thing about the world that infuriated me was the blatant misogyny from the Patrons. Like ugh why must this always be a thing!! Can’t I have some fantasy novels with matriarchal societies, or at least a little more even playing ground than the real world?

Jessamy has a Patron father and a commoner mother so her life has been one mostly lived in the shadows. And that’s totally okay with Jes as long as she can compete in the Fives–an intricate, multilevel athletic competition that requires ingenuity, skill and strength. When she meets Kalliarkos at an event, an unlikely friendship springs up between the two. But Kal is a Lord and a Patron so their friendship is supposedly doomed from the start.

After a sudden death of Jes’s father’s supporting Patron, her family becomes entangled with Kal’s Uncle, the Lord Gargaron. Gargaron has plans of great ambition and ripping one family apart is a simple task for him. But Jes isn’t a star at the Fives for nothing. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her mother and sisters safe, even if it means testing her new friendship with Kal and defying his Uncle.

I did enjoy this story. But god the world bugged the crap out of me!! It was so depressing to think about the situation and I hate when girls can’t get out of a predicament without a guys help. It just presses my buttons, especially when the girl is then assumed to be a whore after said guy saves her. VOMIT.

What I loved about this was the Fives. The competition and training aspect was exhilarating. I loved seeing Jes’s ability to outsmart and outmaneuver her competitors constantly. She was made to play the Fives and damn does she do it well. The ending gave me chills. Like I have high expectations for what Jes will do next and oh baby am I ready for her revenge.

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