The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta

A whimsical love letter to Redwoods, forests and queer girls.

I absolutely love this author because of Once & Future, which is amazing. After reading that duology, I knew I had to read everything ever written by both Amy Rose Capetta and Cory McCarthy.

When Danny picks out Tempest, California on the map, she and her mother pack up their car and are on their way. Danny soon meets the Grays, a coven of witches who summoned her to help them find their most powerful member, Imogen. When two boys show up dead, The Grays are worried and the evidence points to one of them. Secrets abound and Danny must find Imogen before someone else is killed.

I loved this witchy and queer book!! Witches being queer feels so right and I loved The Grays. They were so diverse and never feared their own labels. Danny is honestly shook by their open attitudes and how much platonic affection is expressed. Which would honestly be me at first, but I loved it!! The complete and utter trust of this sisterhood is something I’d love to see in more books.

The mystery of Imogen’s disappearance was so interesting and I loved how Danny discovered her power and followed Imogen’s trail. I wish the ending had been a little less open ended, but if that means hope for a sequel, I AM READY.

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