Reactive (The Elite Trials #1) by Becky Moynihan

I read this because my friend told me to, and despite breaking my heart with Princess Ballot, I still trust her recommendations.

Lune Tatum has lived in her adopted father’s city for eleven years. But she’s determined to get out, and winning all three Elite Trials is her ticket to freedom. With Title of Choice, she can do anything she pleases, including going after her mother on the outside. Then a boy from her past arrives on her eighteenth birthday. Brendon threatens everything Lune has worked for and exposes memories she’d rather forget. It’s only made worse when she’s forced to train him for the Trials. Brendon holds dangerous secrets and isn’t to be trusted at any cost.

I really enjoyed this dytopian/post-apocalyptic story about Lune and Brendon. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but I also wasn’t in a huge mood to read. I loved Lune as a character. She’s so strong and stubborn, which is something I an always relate to in a character. There were times I wanted to slap Lune because she couldn’t make her mind up about Brendon, and the number of times she’d run away from something was infuriating. But in like a good way haha.

I loved the slow burn romance between Bren and Lune. Bren is such a freaking cinnamon roll, but ugh he frustrated me when he wouldn’t tell me answers! I need to know what the heck is even happening in this world! There are small hints throughout the story that some characters may have supernatural powers and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE. Sadly, no definite answers in this book so I will be tormented until I pick up the next book haha.

The plot was so much fun! I love any kind of physical and weapons training, so I was hooked from the beginning. The last half also features each of the trials and holy shit were they terrifying an thrilling! Can’t wait to be back in this world!

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