Green Rider (Green Rider #1) by Kristen Britain

This was amazing!! I loved it so much. It reminded me a lot of Alanna: The First Adventure and the atmosphere of the Tortall Universe in general.

Green Rider follows Karigan G’ladheon, who is on the way home from school after being suspended because of a fight. As she makes her way through the Green Cloak forest, she begins to ponder her life and what she wants. Suddenly, the sound of horse hooves and a man slumped over the horse with two arrows impaled in his back appear. The man is on the brink of death and pleads with Karigan to take his horse and message to the King, for he is a Green Rider–one of the legendary messengers–and his message is one of life and death. Karigan reluctantly agrees for love of country and as she sets off, the messengers warns her to beware of the shadow man.

This was such a great adventure!! The world of Sacoridia pulled me in immediately. I loved learning about all the various clans and the immense history of the land. Karigan meets so many people on her journey to the King as well. While Karigan is the MC, we still get to see from perspectives other than her. At the beginning, I did get a bit confused as to how all the people were intermingled, but that was for my lack of attention rather than a fault of the writing. By the end, I was utterly amazed at the scope of the world and how amazing the magic systems were.

We learn a lot about the Green Rider magic and the other magics that are present in Sacoridia. However, since magic was a source of evil in the past, its use now is severely frowned upon and limited. Green Riders have their own special magic and I loved the glimpse we got of it. There is certainly more secrets and abilities to be found in the rest of the series.

Karigan was such a brave and determined character. Even with her every refusal that she was a Green Rider, she didn’t let anything stop her from getting her message to the King despite all the obstacles she faced. She was quite spunky and fierce which only increased after the trials she went through. I for one love her so much. Surprisingly, there was no romance in this and wow I lived for it!! There’s a couple hints of future romance to come and I am so excited to see this play out. I am already shipping Karigan with a certain someone.

I cannot wait to devour the rest of this series and return to the world of Sacoridia. I’m ready for the next adventure!

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