Fate’s Fables (Her Dark Destiny #1) by T. Rae Mitchell

Fate is a 17 year old author and has loved inventing stories since she can remember. When something calls her back to her Gran’s bookstore, she can help but answer the call. Once there a mysterious old lady throws her and a stranger named Finn McKeen into the Book of Fables. Fate & Finn are trapped and the only way they can make it out is if they rewrite the ending of all eight fables in the book.

This was a highly enjoyable read! I loved the fables–while they are not the exact fairytales I grew up on, aspects are familiar. Some of them were so dark, I really loved it. I think my favorite was The Lightning Sword, though to be honest I probably wouldn’t have changed the ending of that one too much haha.

Fate was an interesting character and her story arc was really impressive. She does complain a lot at the beginning of the story, but it was to be expected. Normally authors don’t find themselves in such a crazy adventure, but safely at home writing about said adventure. She was pretty tough, but by the end, I definitely would not want to mess with her.

I really liked Finn’s character. However, the relationship between him and Fate was a bit too instalove and wishy washy for me. I could see some of the chemistry between the two, but it didn’t always click. I felt like I had missed the beginning of their relationship and they jumped straight into the middle of it.

There are some great side characters in this story. Namely Sithias, a snake with wings who leaves the first fable to become Fate & Finn’s friend and accomplice. He was hilarious and ah I loved him so much. He was so relatable and had the right idea when it would be time for them to run.

The ending was pretty crazy. Sometimes Fate is a bit too much damsel in distress, but I’m hoping that can change. I’m curious to learn more about the Keep and the Inkwell family!

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