UnWholly (The Unwind Dystology #2) by Neal Shusterman

It only took me four years to finally finish this book lmao.

Unwind is one of my favorite dystopian books ever: 1. Neal Shusterman is a genius 2. It talks politics in one of the most interesting ways ever. With that being said, I’ve picked up the second one at least 3 times and tried to finish it, but never could. I blame one of the new characters because I could not stand him.

UnWholly takes place after the events of Unwind have settled down a bit. Connor and Risa are taking care of the Graveyard as best at they can, while Lev is doing his best to atone for the choices he made when he became a clapper. We’re introduced to two new characters as well: Starkey–an AWOL unwind who has particular ideas about how things should change– and Cam, rewound from all unwound parts. Cam presents a very interesting existential question: is he alive? does he have a soul?

Starkey is a character I cannot stand. I didn’t like him the first couple times I tried to read this and I still do not like him now one bit. He has this awful “holier than thou” complex and it pisses me off. He believes that he is always right and no one can know better than him. Can you see why he is infuriating? He also decides he doesn’t like Connor and Connor is one of my faves so this divide for me was unavoidably.

Cam’s storyline was really interesting. I want to know more about him and the corporation that made him. He is a futuristic Frankenstein’s monster and this whole addition blew my mind. Risa, Connor and Lev all have their struggles during this book as well. I want to see the three of them united again. They’re my favorite trio.

All in all, while I can’t stand Starkey, this book brought a lot to the table. The history of this world is so fascinating and I think we only got to see the beginning of it in this installment. I can’t wait to finish this series.

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