The Princess Must Reign (Storm Princess Saga #3) by Jaymin Eve & Everly Frost


Marbella has defeated the Gargoyle King Howl, but now she must help the Gargoyles rebuild before she can go back to the Elves. But the Elvin Council isn’t about the stop their plans and they’ve found a sorcerer that can rival Marbella for power. Ripping Marbella away from Baelen, the sorcerer ignites a war that threatens to spill over into the human world.

We finally get to see the power couple in action!! I’ve been waiting for this since book 1 and it was so worth it! Marbella and Baelen are both super charged with power and I loved seeing how much chaos they were able to cause. The storm power is so cool plus the other powers Marbella awakened by touching the incorruptible gargoyle heart.

I loved seeing Marbella win over the gargoyles even more. She was meant to rule and seeing her in action was even better!! Over the series, she’s become so much more confident in her leadership abilities. I loved seeing all her past experiences guide her.

The conflict between the elves and gargoyles was so tense and I was glued to the book from the beginning. There was so much action and I lived for it. This was probably my favorite in the series. We also get to meet several new characters, including my new favorite female side character–Grevious Indira. She was a freaking badass!!

I’m sad the series was over, it was so damn good! I can’t wait to read more from both authors.

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