A Conspiracy of Stars (Faloiv #1) by Olivia A. Cole


I bought this book and its sequel An Anatomy of Beasts when the sequel was up for a pre-order incentive sometime last year. And I now have finally read it! Why I waited so long, I’ll never know but I cannot wait to devour book 2!

Octavia has only ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents as prestigious scientists of N’Terra. But when that opportunity is presented to her, something doesn’t feel right. When Octavia witnesses one of the Faloii–the indigenous people of Faloiv–being attacked and dragged to captivity, she knows the Council is hiding something. The planet of Faloiv has always had a tenuous peace with the Faloii, but things are changing and all out war might break out.

The world of Faloiv was amazing built. This is some of the most stunning world building I have seen, like ever. Cole has not only built a colony of humans on a planet they crash landed too, but an indigenous culture that is rich and vibrant. The language of this book pulls you in from the very beginning and I loved learning about all the different fruit, vegetables, and animals. Seriously a completely new ecosystem! It was stunning.

I loved how this featured so many scientists!! Dream come true right there, some take me to Faloiv. But the ethical and moral concerns that were central to the plot are also easily applied to scientists on Earth now. This book really made me think and I absolutely loved that. There were so many secrets between the Faloii, the Council and Octavia’s family that I was always finding out something new.

The one thing that bugged me a tiny bit was Octavia’s weird jealously/rivalry with Yaya, one of her fellow peers. After working with Yaya, Octavia was better about it but she had some weird girl hate going on here. Yet she never directed it at her friend Alma, who was just as inquisitive and intelligent as Yaya if not more so. I am willing to overlook this as stupid teenage immaturity, but please Octavia be nicer to Yaya in book 2!

I want to scream about this books off the tops of mountains and wave my arms around wildly until someone stops and says “Okay fine I’ll read it”, because that’s how good this book is. PLEASE READ IT.

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