The Princess Must Strike (Storm Princess Saga #2) by Jaymin Eve & Everly Frost



This was one wild ride from beginning to ending. And I was one long scream the whole time. The Princess Must Strike starts immediately after the ending of The Princess Must Die. Marbella, Jasper, The Storm and the unconscious Baelen are fleeing from the horrific betrayal of the Elven Elders and hoping to heal Baelen. But the gargoyle King is as monstrous as they come and Marbella must either appease him or kill him before she can take care of Baelen.

So much happened in this installment. This book was like the opposite of middle book syndrome! I loved it so much and the romance aspect was almost non-existent! We learn so much about Storm, the other gargoyles and the mythology of the world in general. It was amazing and the ending left me hanging for some final answers! I cannot wait to read the third and final book, I have a feeling it will be even better.

Marbella has to do some awful shit in this book through no fault of her own. I loved seeing her grow even more since she couldn’t use a lot of her storm power throughout this book. She is such a fierce warrior and I love her so much!! I cannot wait to see what she’s going to do next.

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