The Princess Must Die (Storm Princess Saga #1) by Jaymin Eve & Everly Frost


Marbella Mercy is the Storm Princess. Chosen by the Storm, she is the only one that can keep the Storm from unleashing itself onto the Elven people that live under the streets of Chicago. But now that she’s of age, champions from every clan are coming to try and calm her storm. Unfortunately for Marbella, she learns that a curse is brewing and that her husband will kill her. When the trials begin, Marbella claims herself another champion and is determined to fight for herself and win.

The one thing complicating all of this is Baelen Rath, an esteemed warrior from the House of Rath and Mara’s childhood lover. He is determined to save her from herself, but can she let him? I really loved this story so much. I cannot wait to binge the others in this series.

Mara was a girl after my own heart. I loved how independent and strong she was. She also became a badass warrior by the end of this and I am just blown away. The plot was very action based, there’s always a trial to conquer, a storm to be tamed or a piece of the curse to be revealed. Plus we slowly learn about Mara and Baelen’s relationship. I am really rooting for these two and I hope to see more of their relationship develop in book 2.

As Storm Princess, Mara walks around escorted by 10-20 of her guards at all times. I loved the relationship she had with her storm guard. They all fiercely cared and supported her no matter what, even though their relationship was strictly defined by the council. Jordan was my favorite character besides Marbella. These two supported each other so ferociously and they would definitely tear down the world for each other. I really hope we get to see more of Jordan!

Lastly, there’s the amazing world building. I loved the Elvin-Gargoyle mythology that was woven into this world. I can’t wait to learn more about the Gargoyle’s and what threats are surrounding them.

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