The Forever Crew (Adamson All-Boys Academy #3) by CM Stunich

And we finally get answers!!!

I swear the synopses for these books cover way too much. For the second book it talks about how Chuck switches schools, but that didn’t happen until like halfway through so spoiler much? This one talks about how Chuck decides to reveal her secret, which happened closer than 50% but definitely past like the normal synopsis spoiler area. It’s really a minor gripe, but it’s still there.

I do love seeing Chuck and her guys get closer. I love the group dynamic. Also, the fake engagement to Church, BLESS MY SOUL. I fucking love Church. He is my favorite, closely followed by Ranger. I just want to scream because I have SO MANY FEELINGS.

Overall, the series did feel a bit stretched out with how long it took to get actual answers about what the hell was even happening at Adamson. But I still enjoyed it. I loved getting to know the boys and seeing Chuck fall for all of them.

I will say that Chuck annoyed me a bit more in this one than the others. She kept pushing that “I’m trying to be mature” vibe, but didn’t quite always get there for me. Nevertheless, still an enjoyable read.

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