The Ruthless Boys (Adamson All-Boys Academy #2) by CM Stunich


But seriously!?! Ugh, this series is not nice to my heart. Just when everything was shaping up for a Happily Ever After, the ending was like WHAM NO. I have so much whiplash from the last chapter, I am unsure my heart will recover.

The beginning of this book was full of so much grief and processing of grief. It was raw and Chuck’s emotional trauma was the forefront. When things begin to settle down, the threats on Chuck’s life don’t stop, even though the crew hasn’t discovered much more about Jenica’s murder.

Unfortunately, Chuck’s dad is still an asshole and decides to send her back to California now. While Chuck is still a bit immature and annoying, her dad is worse. He doesn’t take anything she says seriously, even when its obvious he knows something is happening. I get that he’s stressed and has his own BS to deal with, but like come on. Believe your damn daughter FFS.

The biggest surprise for me in this book was Church. I didn’t think I’d like him ever because he’s so cold and emotionless at times. But getting to see more of him interacting with Chuck in this book made me ship them so hard. Church and Ranger are my new faves, even though Ranger was my fave in the last book. The harem begins to shape up in this book, and my god was I living for it. I need more right now.

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