In 552 hours, the world will end. You’re either with us… or against us. When the shadow falls, the brave will rise.

First book synopsis: My name is Maia Graystone: prisoner, rebel, and reluctant savior of a dying world. In exactly 552 hours, an asteroid will end life as we know it. Not that I’m counting or anything. Trapped inside a hellish prison with psychopaths and murderers, I have more current worries. Like the brother I left behind, the not-so-friendly inmates, or the fact that I’m wanted by the most powerful man in existence. Then a mysterious benefactor breaks me out and offers the impossible: a spot in the Shadow Trials. Win and I’ll receive a coveted place for my brother and I on the space station in the stars. But the opportunity comes at a steep price. Partner with a dashing psychopath, enter the court that once condemned me to death, survive the ruthless trials created by my own mother, and kill the Emperor—the very man who’s hunting me. In this cunning game of life and death, nothing is as it seems and everyone expects me to fail. But they forgot one tiny detail. Never underestimate a girl with nothing left to lose.

I’ve partnered with Book of Matches Media and Audrey Grey to host a US giveaway on Instagram. Check out the giveaway here, it will run until April 30th! Follow the hashtag #SFTour to find the other hosts and more chances to win!

Shadow Ruin, book three in the series, will be published on May 25th, 2020. The first two books are available through Kindle Unlimited, Amazon or at Audrey Grey’s website.

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