The Secret Girl (Adamson All-Boys Academy #1) by CM Stunich

I had a hard time getting into this book at first, but I am really glad I stuck with it!

The Secret Girl focuses on Charlotte Carson who moves across the country with her dad for his new job as Headmaster of Adamson All-Boys Academy. Unfortunately for Charlotte, in order to go incognito she must pretend and pass as a boy. Chuck decides she’s going to do, keep her head down and bid her time until she can go back to California. The Student Council isn’t going to let Chuck’s impertinent attitude go unpunished.

The guys of the student council were very interesting. Church, the leader and possible psychopath or maybe bipolar disorder, was the hardest of the guys to like. He had very strange moods and I was never sure if Chuck should trust him. It was definitely an interesting twist.

I also wasn’t expecting a reverse harem to have so much mystery and death threats! Chuck finds out that the administrator is hiding the fact that a girl attempted to go the Adamson 10 years earlier, only to be murdered which was framed to look like a suicide. No one will talk about her, and Chuck must have answers. Especially since it seems like she’s the next target.

Of the five guys, Ranger and Spencer were probably my favorite. It’s so hard to put a finger on the exact reason I liked them so much, but I did. The twins slowly grew on me, especially when they proved their loyalty to Chuck. For an RH, this book was very light on the sex and I was totally fine with it. The mystery was so captivating and creepy that I was obsessed once shit started going down.

The ending was actually evil and I immediately started the second book because I must know WHAT HAPPENED.

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