Huntress by Malinda Lo

I’ve been meaning to read this ever since I read Ash, but alas it’s been a while.

Huntress takes place in the same world as Ash, but many centuries earlier. The world is out of balance: the sun doesn’t shine and crops are starting to fail. When the stones and oracles are consulted, it is decided that Taisin and Kaede will be the ones to accompany the Crown Prince to the land of Fairy at the Queen’s invitation. This may be the chance the humans need to mend relations with the fey, but the trip is bound to be dangerous.

Malinda Lo narrated her own book and wow was I in love! She did a stunning job and now I want to listen to her narrate all her other books. I don’t remember a lot of Ash, so it’s hard to compare the two books, but I know I loved this one just as much.

I loved all of the mythology references and complicated history between the humans and fey. Plus the slow burn between Kaede and Taisin almost killed me. I wish this book had be longer since the end left me wondering about the state of their relationship. I want to know if Taisin confronted the sages! I have so many questions. But the overall story was so well done. I can’t wait to read Lo’s other books.

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