Every Day (Every Day #1) by David Levithan


Wow!! I am shook. Why the hell did I take so long to read this!? Freaking masterpiece. I binged this in one night and stayed up until like 1 am.

Every day A wakes up in a different body. They have no control over who that person is. A has learned to do their best to make that day go as smoothly as possible for that body. But everything changes the day he meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. A can’t fight the instant attraction and need he has to make Rhiannon happy. Every day after that is different, cause A wants to stay with Rhiannon.

There’s so much about this book that was amazing. I don’t have the words to describe the utter mind-blowing state of shock this book put me in. It’s been three weeks and I’m still mind boggled by how amazing this book was. This book came out in 2012 so I don’t know if the knowledge of the terms non-binary or genderfluid were common then. But A is most definitely on the non-binary spectrum. Their view on gender and its spectrum was amazing and so well done. I am beyond impressed with the character development Levithan did.

The relationship between Rhiannon and A was so damn heartbreaking. The sheer impossibility of it was out of this realm, but so compelling too. I wanted their relationship to work so badly, even though I couldn’t see any way it would. The ending was so bittersweet and I definitely need to continue with Another Day and Someday ASAP.

While the romance/plot was great, the physics (meta-physics? I have no idea) of what A experiences wasn’t as developed as I’d like. Whether there really is a true reason for the phenomenon that is A’s life is uncertain. But the little teases about it were so manipulative. I NEED MORE DAMMIT. Give me answers David!

All in all, so much is discussed in this book and it’s amazing.

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