Backlist Review: Winterspell by Claire Legrand

Wow, this was wonderful. It was such a dark and enchanting retelling of the Nutcracker. I can’t believe it took me so long to read this.

Long hair beauty with pink flowers

Clara was a bit annoying in the beginning, she was so powerless and it was a bit depressing to read about her precarious situation. However, I loved seeing how she persisted, even when she was weak all she wanted to do was protect her family. I loved seeing her growth in Cane and how strong she became.

The overlaying history of Cane itself was so fascinating. Instead of cute fairies, we got cutthroat and devious faeries. The magic system was really fascinating as well. And the way that faeries worked with metal and iron so much was completely unique.

While it’s not stated in obvious terms within the book, Clara is totally bisexual and you can’t convince me otherwise. The ways she reacted to Anise, nope that sealed the deal for me. I also loved that the villain(s) were not clearly cut evil. They definitely went both ways at times and I loved trying to predict who was going to win and who I wanted to win because I changed my mind like five times.

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