Groupie (Rock-Hard Beautiful #1) by C.M. Stunich

This was something else, but I loved how dark and sensual it was.

Lilith Goode has nothing left in this world. Her dad has just died and she has about $5 to her name. When she stops at the concert for Beauty in Lies she was supposed to attend with her ex-boyfriend, she ends up finding the lead singer and winning a backstage pass. Lilith has nothing else to do and decides fuck it, and heads backstage. This changes the trajectory of her whole world.

The boys:
Paxton: Asshole extraordinaire and lead singer.
Ransom: Wears hoodies and constantly covers his body to hide his numerous scars, constantly plagued by nightmares of his mother’s murder, base guitarist.
Michael: In a toxic relationship, lead guitarist.
Derek Muser: The youngest of the band, constant caretaker of the other boys, rhythm guitarist.
Cope: Enchanting eyes, giver of the best hugs, wants to worship his woman, drummer.

Lilith has nothing better to do with her life and when the guys let her be their groupie, she reluctantly agrees. As she gets to know each of the guys, they begin letting her into their world which is full of darkness, secrets, trauma and grief. Lilith has her own demons, but together they manage to soothe the rough edges of each other.

I was immediately addicted to the chemistry between Lilith and each of the guys. I absolutely loved this story and how dark it was. While Lilith and the guys don’t completely know each other by the end, there’s a tenuous trust between them all and I cannot wait to see that grow. I want to know everything about the guys and see how they’ll begin to heal the scars from their life.

I’ve read several reverse harems, but this is a new favorite. I could definitely dig reading more rockstar romances too.

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