ARC Review: Sword in the Stars (Once & Future #2) by Amy Rose Capetta and Cory McCarthy

I received an ARC of this at Yallfest thanks to the publisher and The NOVL. All opinions are my own.

Happy publication day to this beauty!!

Sword in the Stars had everything I loved in Once & Future plus even more! The medieval Camelot adventure and all the timeline hopping was both mind-boggling and entertaining to no end! The gang starts their misadventure by time traveling back to the middle ages of Camelot and of course, they are separated right off the bat.

I loved seeing and living the tale of King Arthur through the characters. It was so much fun to see them try to make sure the legend kept following the canon path. I think my favorite thing was the commentary about Camelot and how it was represented in tales that come after that’s woven into the novel. Amy & Cory have patriarchy smashing down to a T. Plus Ari & Gwen make my heart melt so much. I love these two so much. But seriously, I love all the characters. Each one brings a unique perspective to the story that is crucial and goes to show how much we need stories as diverse as this.

So many things were finally revealed in this story, but it was perfect. We learn so much about Merlin, his history and relationship to Nin. The lady of the lake was really interesting in this story, and dang did she constantly keep me guessing! My new favorite character is Jordan and she needs her own book because YES SHE IS THAT AMAZING. I wish I had more words to describe how much I love Jordan, but listen she deserves the whole world. Makes puppy eyes. I LOVE HER.

All in all, I was completely satisfied with this ending, even though some of it was bittersweet.

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