Curse Breaker (Kingdom of Runes Saga #2) by Audrey Grey


I really enjoyed Oath Taker, but Curse Breaker was even better!! I really need King Maker, aghhh.

Haven is no closer to breaking the curse, but she now has allies. Archeron Halfbane and band of Solis have become Haven’s friends and they are all determined to break the curse. But Haven spends her nights in a dreamworld with Stolas, the Shade Lord. He teaches her about her magics and how to use them. With time running out, Haven becomes more desperate to save Bell.

I love Archeron, but listen, I jumped ship SO HARD. I need Haven and Stolas to have something. ANYTHING PLEASE. Or even a poly relationship would be fine, BUT THEY MUST BE TOGETHER. I will legitimately go down with Haven x Stolas’s ship. I got some Feyre/Rhysand vibes so hard and agh I LOVE THEM. Also the tormented bad boy with a past trope will get me every damn time.

I loved seeing Haven work with her magic and I just love her dammit. She’s so feisty and determined to do everything her way. I love her strength and her loyalty to Bell. Also the Beauty & the Beast retelling vibes I got were FOR REAL and I loved it!! I am so tormented and distraught for Bell and everything he went through. I really hope he’ll come out of his ordeal stronger than ever.

The ending had several stressful reveals, and I have no doubt book 3 is going to be even more crazy!

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