Oath Taker (Kingdom of Runes Saga #1) by Audrey Grey

In the Kingdom of Penryth, Haven Ashwood serves as the Companion Guard to Crown Prince Bellamy Boteler. The Kingdom is suffering from a years long curse and on Prince Bell’s birthday, he is discovered to be a lightbringer, a rare magical mortal. Unfortunately, this dooms and he is taken by the Shade Lord and brought to the Shade Queen to be sacrificed. Haven hasn’t had anyone until Bell took her in and she is determined to bring him back, even if the only way to do that is to break the curse.

Haven sets off on a whirlwind adventure full of magic, epiphanies and mythical creatures. I really enjoyed this story and the ending has me even more intrigued than when I started. Oath Taker is a bit slow in the beginning due to all the world building, but I loved getting to know Haven and Bell. Haven like hardly sleeps in this book, I think she really deserves a nap after all this stress.

Somewhere in the middle, there’s a bit of a Beauty & the Beast retelling which completely surprised me, but I cannot wait to see where it will go. The overall themes of Dark vs Light are quite commplicated and I’m eager to see what Haven will bring to the conflict being (view spoiler).

The ending felt quite abrupt as well, but I am eagerly anticipating book 2. I really enjoyed seeing Haven get under Archeron Halfbane’s skin. It was just so easy for her. I think the romance between the two was pretty light as of now, but I’m wondering if I should be shipping these two or Haven & Stolas, the Shade Lord. I got some intense Rhysand–ACOTAR– vibes from Stolas and I’m enjoying what I’ve seen. I would really like to know more though. The hint is not enough, because I still don’t trust him!

I really enjoyed the rune magic and can’t wait to see more of it as well. I don’t completely understand what each different type of magic is, but the explanations that were given made sense so far. Haven definitely bonded with the group of Solis she set out with and I really hope they’ll actually become friends. I also want more of the seer!

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