Loveboat, Taipei (Loveboat, Taipei #1) by Abigail Hing Wen


Ever Wong has always done what her parents want, including giving up her dream of dancing in order to pursue Medical school. Sending her to Taiwan for the summer to learn Mandarin is only the next order of business. Ever decides she’s going to show her parents and herself just how much she break out. She’s ripping up all of their rules and determined to break them all, but as she comes more into herself, she realizes she doesn’t want to break ALL of them, but she also doesn’t want to miss out on life’s opportunities.

Lemme just say that Emily Woo Zeller is such an amazing narrator. She brought Ever and the streets of Taipei alive. I could listen to her narration forever. It made this experience even better!

I could relate to Ever a lot as well. As a fellow overachiever, I know firsthand how that pressure to succeed can be damaging, even if my drive was more internalized. I felt so sad for Ever when her parents didn’t listen to her at all. She tried so hard to fit herself into their optimal mold and agh it just broke my heart.

Ever does some pretty crazy things during her time in Taipei. I loved how her mission to break her parents every rule ended up teaching her so much more about herself than she imagined. She really came into herself and I absolutely loved this coming of age story.

The romance was so good even if I was never certain of who to ship Ever with! I loved both Rick and Xavier for different reasons. But more than that, Ever’s friendship with Sophie was everything. I loved these two so much and I was so happy to see how they grew and how their friendship was challenged.

The dancing made me love this even more because I also was a dancer for a time. There’s something about the sport that calls to fellow dancers. I absolutely love reading about anything dance related. I definitely asked my labmate about some of the stuff they did in this book since she’s also from Taiwan. It was so cool to read about Taiwanese culture and then go talk about it with my friend.

I would highly recommend this book and I can’t wait for Ms. Hing Wen’s next book!

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