Becoming by Michelle Obama

Poignant but invigorating. Michelle Obama’s memoir made me crave the days of Barack’s presidency, while simultaneously giving me the hope we so desperately need for the future. This inside into the White House & presidency was very educational, but also intensely emotional. Plus, her narration was absolutely fabulous. Please narrate more books for me!!

I learned a lot about politics throughout this book and it really opened my eyes to all of the blatant racism and sexism that is rampant in this country. I hope it can be changed in the future. When Michelle would comment on how many white men run Congress, my heart broke a little bit more. America is such a diverse country, yet our government is so obviously not. I can understand how many people believe the system is broken.

Becoming is the story of what comes next when life or your husband surprises you. Her overwhelming message was that you are constantly changing and adapting in small ways that move you forward. Life is a journey of dynamic changes. We do not ever stay completely the same, we are constantly becoming.

I was a bit sad to hear Michelle say she’d never run for office, but I also completely understand after reading this book. Politics is a hard fight, especially when you’re not a man, or white. It is so amazing to see how Barack Obama was able to win the presidency 12 short years ago and then see the complete reversal of everything he stood for.

Michelle may not be a nice woman, but honestly, why do women have to be nice to be valuable to society!? I loved everything she said in this book and her working woman’s mindset really resonated with me. She instilled me with a new sense of hope, courage and determination to see that change I want to come back to this country I call home.

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