Backlist Review: A Court of Thorns & Roses (ACOTAR #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Feyre is a nineteen year old huntress whose main duty is to hunt for her family so they don’t starve to death. When she kills a faerie with hate in her heart, she must pay the consequences. In Prythian, Feyre must live with Tamlin, a shape-shifting High Fae. Though the Beast always prowls under his skin, Feyre can see past the beast to the handsome Fae who she begins to fall for.

Feyre is a wonderful protagonist, she is cunning and sassy. Her fighting skills are impressive even in the faerie world. I love her narration and the way she experiences the world around her. Her ability to capture and describe art is elegant and I wish I could see her paintings. She is so selfless and I don’t think her family ever truly appreciated what she did and all she sacrificed for them.

The plot in this novel does move kind of slowly for the first half, but after that it picks up speed in light years, oh boy do we move! I loved the riddles and trials that Feyre goes through, because it is a testament to her true fighting spirit that she doesn’t completely break (and a certain High Lord being wonderful). Not only that, but she is still able to be her witty and snarky self that I loved in the first half of the book. Whenever she would make a joke or snide comment, I laughed so hard. Between her, Lucien and Rhysand they have my brand of humor nailed down perfectly.

Now I’ve already read the sequel so I know more than a normal reader would, but this book was still awesome! Maas puts in little seeds of discovery that come back to play huge roles in A Court of Mist & Fury. I loved finding these and yes they definitely had me smirking at some of the characters and what they said. A particular favorite character of mine is Rhysand. He’s dark, yet still a complex and fascinating character. He makes it very clear that he has undisclosed motives for doing what he does and it only adds to his mysterious charm! His flirtatious personality hit a chord with me, since I act in a very similar manner. I can’t say anymore, but watch for Rhys, he’s an amazing and wonderful character!

Overall, this was a really great book! Not as jaw-dropping, holy shit what happened amazing as A Court of Mist & Fury, but it is definitely up there on my recommendations list. If you like court politics, faeries, romance and mystery then this book is for you!

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