Backlist Review: Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte

So good!!!

The Kingdom of Quadara is ruled by four queens. Each queen has her own quadrant she was raised in until her ascension. After they take the throne, the queens live in the palace, never to return to their home quadrant. The four quadrants are Eonia, Ludia, Toria and Archia.

Eonia is a very upright and logical society. They are ruled by hard laws, technological advances and survival of the fittest. Queen: Corra.
Ludia is full of artists and pleasure seekers. They believe in finding thrills and beauty of life. Queen: Stessa.
Toria is the land of commerce, and curiosity. This coastal country loves to explore. Queen: Marguerite
Lastly, there is Archia. Archia is a land of workers, mainly agricultural, that value hard work and simplicity. Queen: Iris

I loved the world building of Quadara. Each quadrant provided a needed asset to the Kingdom as a whole, but they were also independent from each other. In the beginning, we hear the proverbs from each quadrant and the traits or values of each one only become more apparent as the story progresses. I was sucked into this world, it was so vivid and I could easily picture these people in my mind. I loved the differences between the queens. Each had a way of making their quadrant sound so strong even if they had flaws. The more I came to know each queen, the more I loved them.

This story is told in several POVs and one uniting POV is that of thief extraordinaire, Keralie Corrington. Keralie has had a rough time with her family and left them several years ago in order to pursue the life she thought she wanted. When Keralie met Mackiel, she enjoyed learning how to be the best thief possible. On one of her heists, she steals Comm chips from a messenger, but they’re no ordinary chips. After being dragged by the messenger to get them back, they discover the chips contain memories of an assassin killing the four queens.

Keralie and Varin are forced to work together, and attempt to find a way to find the killer. I loved the way this mystery was shaped. It was beautifully crafted and I enjoyed every second of it. I wish there was more!! I loved this world and the characters. Keralie was such a strong character and she felt so raw at times, especially when we learn about her past. I loved the friendship that formed between Keralie and Varin, it felt very realistic.

The mystery was so well done!! I never saw the true culprit until it was shoved in my face lol. It made for such a compelling read and I loved how everything was resolved. I was pretty worried at the end!

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