Backlist Review: The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros


Five devastating stars. I’m still crying.

The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros

I finished this book approximately 4 hours ago and rereading the freaking synopsis made me cry again. It probably didn’t help that Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods was playing in the background and dammit if that doesn’t fit a good part of this book.

I had the opportunity to meet Rebecca Yarros at Apollycon last year and she was so kind. We totally fangirled about Sarah J Maas. I hadn’t read any of her books, since I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of authors there. But I remember seeing this book advertised and finally picked it up. I don’t regret it one bit. My heart hurts and my soul is crying but I wouldn’t trade that for anything because I fell so completely for these characters. I will be bringing a copy of this to Apollycon 2020 and Rebecca is going to sign this “To Andrea, sorry for making you cry while reviewing this”!

I’m literally crying as I write this review omg, someone send help. The Last Letter is about Ella Mackenzie, a 25 year old single mother of twins, and Beckett Gentry, call sign Chaos and Ella’s brother’s best friend. When Ryan Mackenzie dies, in his last letter he asks Chaos to protect his sister. See Ella’s young child, Masie, has a rare type of leukemia and Ella is struggling to keep her life from falling apart. Beckett is part of a top secret and elite military force. He was in the same squad as Ryan and they’ve been through hell and worse. While on terminal leave, Beckett attempts to deal with his grief over Ryan’s death and help Ella.

Ella and Beckett already know each other. They’ve been exchanging letters for months; however, Ella only knew Beckett’s call sign, Chaos, not his real name. Beckett refuses to go by that since he still blames himself for Ryan’s death. There’s something about books that have written letters that always gets me. I have a tendency to write down things that are difficult for me to express vocally and writing letters longhand has a romantic vibe to it and I am a full blooded sap.

I loved seeing the letters between Ella and Chaos, as I got to see Ella and Beckett interact in real life. Ella was the kind of spirited and independent woman I love as protagonists. Ella certainly has flaws and doesn’t trust easily, but she does everything and anything she can for her kids. Beckett was such a softie for Ella and her kids. Thinking of how he bonded with Maisie and Colt kills my heart. Especially every time Colt called Beckett his dad. Omg I cannot handle that kind of precious emotion.

I literally loved everything about this book. I don’t know who’s perspective I liked more because I loved being in both Ella and Beckett’s heads. Their chemistry was tangibly alive and I want more of them. I loved how they were like planets orbiting each other and their mutual gravity pulled them in. Their relationship felt so real, because everything was not always perfect. They had good and bad days, but in the end they were just so cute and I cry my eyes out.

The cancer aspect always had me praying for good news. Maisie was so strong throughout all her treatments, even when she was in a lot of pain. She and Colt made this book for me. They were too adorable and I love them so much. The last hour of this book was so painful and I literally started crying walking around campus. It’s totally fine, no random stranger these are not tears under my sunglasses *hides*. I do not know how times I cried the last hour or fought back tears because it felt like every damn minute. Anyway, this bond between the twins made this book all the more heartbreaking.

But the emotional devastation is part of why this book is so good. Life is not fair and The Last Letter slams that message home. The grief and the pain of loss are so raw throughout the whole book. I felt every emotion Yarros put into this book. The lows, the highs and every shade in between. I need more books like this.

Yes, I am crying again.

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