Princess Ballot (Royals of Arbon Academy #1) by Jaymin Eve & Tate James

Wow. What a wild ride. I picked this book up because I was emotionally traumatized by The Weight of the Stars and I needed something to recover from it. Of course, I picked the wrong book for recovering but hot DAMN was this good!

Violet Rose Spencer knows what it means to be discarded and treated like nothing. Being a ward of the state doesn’t come with much especially since the Monarch Wars. In this dystopian, post fictional World War III, society’s resources are limited. But when she gets a letter informing her she’s won the “Princess Ballot”, her world is completely changed. Violet has been chosen to receive her college education, all costs paid, at the most prestigious university in the world–Arbon Academy. She will be going to school with royalty.

Arbon is not what it seems. Secrets run deep and money has its own form of power. Violet is quickly swept into the sphere of several Crown royals which is only the first of many crazy things to happen to her there. I enjoyed this story so much! Every time I put it down, I immediately wanted to pick it back up. I LOVE Violet. She is EVERYTHING I want in a female heroine. She’s determined, intelligent, sassy and confident. She knows how to play things and she can walk away from conflicts even if she hasn’t won with a plan to beat them the next time.

Violet of course has some secrets of her own and oh my god did I love what it was. I need more of Violet. I need to see her in action and I want to know more about her past. I loved the circle of friends Violet was surrounded by. The twins, Mattie & Nolan, were my absolute favorite. I loved how the three of them became so close and how they showed affection for each other. I need more platonic puppy piles.

Then there’s the guys. Alex was really sweet, but there were so many little things that made me want to hold him at a distant. But Rafe. Fuck me. He was an asshole, don’t get me wrong. But there were so many little things he did that were SO RIGHT and wow I am trash for him. I need him and Violet to happen. At least once please, please, PLEASE.

I just freaking loved this book so much and I need the second book ASAP after that ending.

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