The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum

Omgggggggggg I am deceased.

This was such a wonderful story about friendship, space and two girls brought together despite their differences. Ryann Bird has loved the stars and has always wished to follow in her mother’s NASA footprints. Being poor and from the wrong neighborhood has dashed most of her chances. When Alexandria MacCollough arrives at her school, Ryann is wary of the new girl. However, she has a habit of bringing the outcasts together into her own little gang of friends.

When a horrible accident leaves Alexandria hospitalized, Ryann decides to do whatever she can to make it up to her. Ryann spends every night going over to Alexandria’s house and sitting on the roof in the hopes of catching radio waves containing a message from her mother. Alex’s mother was a Uninaut that took a one way trip to the edge of the solar system shortly after she was born.

I absolutely loved this. The ending completely destroyed me in the best ways possible. I want more time with these amazing characters. If you loved The Wicker King, hold on to your pants because we get to see grown Jack, August & Rina. Every time they were in a scene or talked about indirectly, I wanted to cry with happiness. Like my babies are THRIVING and I am just so, so happy for them and their HEA. Also, I want poly-parentage to be normalized.

This was such a compelling story thanks to Ryann and her circle of friends. I loved her leadership and how she’d bring people out of their self-imposed loneliness. She had such a way with people, and I loved seeing each and everyone of her friends. There was so much diversity in this little group, but damn it worked so well!! I don’t even know who to pick as my favorite because they’re all amazing in different ways.

Ryann is also the sole caretaker for her younger brother, I believe he’s like 16?? James is selectively and almost completely mute. Ryann doesn’t let that stop her from taking the best care of him that she can. She does everything for James and his baby Charlie. My heart could seriously cry from how constantly selfless Ryann is. James does manage to help keep Ryann in check though. I loved how they communicated and would work with each other through their various hardships.

Alexandria is kind of an unlikeable character. But I fucking love her. We need more female characters like Alex who aren’t as expressive with feelings, or would be dubbed “cold” because not every woman is comfortable expressing their feelings in an overt manner. Alex reminded me so much of myself at times and god I love her so much.

There’s so much I want to say about this book because it affected me so much. It made me ugly cry so badly the last 20-30 pages. My heart was torn apart and put back together, but AGH I LOVED EVERY SECOND. I think I loved this even more than The Wicker King which I thought was impossible.

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