Reverie by Ryan La Sala

This was the Barnes and Noble YA Bookclub pick of the month and I really enjoyed this gay as fuck urban fantasy.

Reverie by Ryan La Sala

Kane should be dead. He’s not sure what happened, but somehow he’s covered in burns, lost a year of his memories and left a town icon in smolders. Sophia, his sister, tries to help, but Kane doesn’t know what he can confide in anyone. When Dr. Poesy gives him so answers and a cryptic hint, Kane isn’t sure who to trust, but he’s sure it couldn’t be his friends who possibly took away his memories.

Reverie was a super gay book and I loved the diversity. The drag queen sorceress was an additional bonus. However, there were several gay jokes in this that fell really flat for me. And I say that as part of the Ace-Pan spectrum. Besides that, Kane had such an awful habit of running away when he was so close to real answers. Those two things took away a smidgen of enjoyment for me.

I really loved meeting all of Kane’s friends through him for the second time. I will admit that I was suspicious of everyone from the beginning, since he has no memories and everyone is mistrustful. I loved that in their little group, they had all of the stereotypes covered. Adeline, the popular queen, Elliot, the nerd, Ursula, the jock and Kane was their outcast. I’m not sure where Dean would fit into it, but omg did I love him regardless!!

The plot was really fun. I loved diving into each new reverie, because you never knew what you’d get. It almost felt like time-travel/virtual reality! The powers Kane and his friends had were interesting, but I wish there had been more backstory about them. Overall, this was a really great and fun debut!

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