An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet


An Inheritance of Ashes is like a future post-apocalyptic Wild West story. It follows Halfrida Hoffman, half owner of Roadstead Farm. She works the farm with her sister, Marthe, who is pregnant and her husband never returned from the war. The world is tormented by creatures known as Wicked Things. No one knows where they came from and if one touches you horrible things happen like your skin burning off.

While the War is supposedly over, these creatures are definitely from the Wicked God and they don’t belong in our world. This was a hauntingly beautiful story of several worlds colliding. It gave me vibes similar to those in THE WICKER KING and I just about died because I love that book.

I was drawn into the Hoffman’s lives by how they were haunted by their late father’s abuse and their uncle’s abandonment. The ghosts of their family seem to torment Hallie and Marthe. The sisters unconditionally love each other, but since the war took Thom there’s been a strain that neither knows how to fix. I loved how complex their relationship was. It was so frustrating to see the unintentional hurts they inflicted on each other.

The Hoffmans are close friends with their neighbors the Blakelys. The Blakelys lost their father to the war but Tyler, James and Callum came back changed. James and Callum were so adorable, I loved that there was a gay relationship. I was so glad to see a regular adult presence. Hallie’s friendship with Tyler and Nat was goals. While there was some drama between Nat and Hallie that felt somewhat unresolved by the end, I still enjoyed their relationship and unending support for each other.

This was definitely more of a slow-burning book, but it was so worth it! I loved slowly being drawn into the world of the Wicked God and his Wicked Things. The ending was amazing and I actually had tears in my eyes because parts of it were so heart warming. I can’t recommend this book enough.

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