The Beholder (The Beholder #1) by Anna Bright

Selah has be waiting for the day that she’ll be engaged and can then become the leader of Potomac. She only has to propose and she’ll be that much closer. However, her proposal is denied and she must endure the public humiliation. Her step-mother decides that she must leave and go abroad to meet pre-approved suitors. Selah must find a suitor and find one fast so she can come back to her father and save him from her step-mother’s nefarious schemes.

This was such a love letter to fairytales & myths. I loved the quotes from the original fairytales and myths that are scattered through this novel. It made the tale feel even more magical than it already was. It also helped establish the world-building of each Kingdom of suitors. We only meet two in this book, but each world was lush and imaginative.

There is a fair amount of romance, but I enjoyed it. Selah doesn’t immediately fall in love with anyone, but she is determined to find someone to marry so she can go back home and do her duty. I loved Selah’s character. The narrator did wonders and I loved how her tone shaped Selah into a very mature and levelheaded MC. Selah does grow as the story goes on. She’s tested in ways she couldn’t imagine and I loved seeing her become bolder for it.

I loved the constant undercurrent of danger that was stirring. By the end, we find out about a much larger conflict. But it was enticing to see each puzzle piece being revealed. The wait to see what will happen next is going to be agony! The only thing that “bothered” me was that we only go to meet two of the suitors! It wasn’t really a bad thing either. I liked the each boy got a decent amount of time to interact with Selah, but man I didn’t want the book to end! And I need to know who else she is going to meet, TELL ME!!

I am very much looking forward to the next part of Selah’s voyage.

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