Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Okay normally I avoid putting audiobook reviews on my blog, since I don’t want to bury anyone in reviews. However, this book was so damn amazing that I have to share it! All the stars in the rainbow for this book right here.

Did I read my favorite book of the month on the 1st? Very probable.

After a small press scandal, Alex–first son of the USA– and Prince Henry of Wales must stage a visit to make them look like best friends. What Alex doesn’t count on, is genuinely befriending Henry long after their staged visit. While Alex navigates his feelings for Henry and what that means about his sexuality, he’s also busy helping his mother run her re-election bid for the Presidency.

God I don’t even have enough words for this. I devoured this book and I would devour it again in a heartbeat. I love Alex and his sense of humor. The way he questioned his sexuality felt very realistic and I really connected to it. The wit and humor that was present in every text, phone call and email between these two boys was palpable. I was running around yelling/laughing so hard while cleaning my apartment. It was amazing.

I’m a sucker for political intrigue and what’s better than politics in America right now (just kidding lmao). But the world McQuiston envisioned is inspiring and I am crying for a Madame President in 2020. Don’t forget to vote! Yes I will plug politics and the importance of voting in a book review, come after me.

The other thing I loved about this was the friendship Alex had with his sister and Nora, the Vice president’s granddaughter. Together, they make the White House Trio. They had some pretty great antics together. I also loved how each of them had their own unique skills to bring to the White House. This group only got better with the addition of Henry and some of his friends.

I may have reread the first couple of pages to make sure I had names right and I was cackling like a witch. If that doesn’t make you want to read this then I don’t know what will. It’s also pride month so celebrate with some gay books!

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