The Accidental Book Club by Jennifer Scott


This was kind of like if Golden Girls decided to have a book club rather than live together. Jean is the head of the club. In her daily life, she is still grieving the loss of her loving husband. After an incident, she discovers her daughter’s life is spiraling out of control and her granddaughter is sent to live with her. Bailey is a feisty storm of a girl. She is desperate for any kind of attention and acts out in all types of ways to attain it.

The friendship and family relationships were cute, but at times quite shocking. Bailey was desperately in need of professional help and it was almost a little too late for her. I did love the gradual relationship she developed with Jean. They did manage to somewhat heal each other and it was so heartwarming to see.

My favorite parts were the book club meetings. This gang of “old biddies” as Bailey calls them were hilarious and they all had so much personality. Loretta is Jean’s best friend and is guaranteed to recommend some kind of Flavian Munney smut to solve any problem. Mitzi is the loyal but fiercely opinionated friend, who might be her own worst critic. May is the adorable baker who’s hair gets everywhere. Janet is the painfully shy but kindest member by far. Dorothy is the overworked and newly single mother who’s boys are more than two handfuls.

Once a month, these ladies meet up at Jean’s house to discuss books, eat good food and drink some nice wine. As Jean continues to deal with her dysfunctional family, she finds herself growing closer to each of the book club ladies for different reasons. This was such a fun book, and every time I’d pick it up I wouldn’t want to put it down. There were a couple times were the writing was a little bit choppy and the characters were super shocking with their actions, but otherwise it was a lovely read.

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