Nice Try, Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke


After being expelled from high school, Jane Sinner feels like she’s going nowhere fast. Her parents convince her to go to a high school completion program through the local community college and she agrees on one condition: she gets to move out. Jane applies to be a participant on a reality TV show, House of Orange, produced by a student at the school. She uses this chance to get away from what she did in high school and try to reinvent herself.

At first, the partial screenplay formatting of this really bothered me. So did Jane, she was so negative about a lot of things in her life. It really irritated me. By the 100 page mark though, I was completely invested. Jane’s snarky and competitive side began to come through and I loved it so much.

The House of Orange show was basically a train wreck, but holy cow, it was a superbly interesting train wreck! After the first elimination, I couldn’t put the book down and read like 350 pages or so in an evening. I loved how Jane began to deal with her mental health. She didn’t always have the best strategy, but I think everyone has to find their own path.

Overall, it was a rough start with this, but I ended up loving it and having a fun time!

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